NEW! 2021 Stitching Cosmos Fiber Exchange - NEXT EXCHANGES ARE MAY 15, and SEPTEMBER 15, 2021

Sewing Mastery’s Stitching Cosmos 2021 International Fiber Exchange

What is a Fiber Exchange? 

A Fiber Exchange is when a large group of sewists each buy a skein of yarn (or in this Fiber Exchange, three skeins), cut it into shorter useable lengths (10 feet / 3 meters from each skein) and then swap the fibers between other participants. The result is that each person ends up with a wide variety of fibers to try out for couching or surface embellishment projects. You will end up with 60 different fibers from the Sewing Mastery Fiber Exchange.

If you would like a variety of yarns and novelty fibers to use in future projects without spending a ton of money, then join us for the Sewing Mastery Stitching Cosmos 2021 Fiber Exchange! A Fiber Exchange is a cost effective way to increase your fiber collection by exchanging with 20 other people.

Print off the "Sewing Mastery 2020 Fiber Exchange Form" below and head out to your favorite yarn store.

Fiber exchange form - UPDATED 2021.pdf