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The 2023 9th Edition of the Husqvarna Viking Foot Book has arrived!

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There are so many incredible accessory feet available for Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines, that many people requested a book on the “how-tos” of using them. The purpose of this book is to be an encyclopedia of information about feet. We have collected all the information we could find and organized it into this book. This is not a project book, but rather a reference book. When you want to use a foot, refer to this book to see how to use it. When you want to add some embellishment to a garment, or other projects, you can use this as a resource of ideas that you may apply to your sewing.

We would encourage you to play with the feet and make sample pieces using the different feet and techniques we show. You may even want to put these pages in a notebook where you can add samples of each technique next to its directions.

We want to thank the Educational Specialists and other Husqvarna Viking Staff Members who gave us their ideas to use in writing this book.

Have fun discovering all the uses of those feet you have stored in a drawer, and have fun with all the new feet you’ll have once you know how much they can help you. We hope you find this book helpful.

Tip: The inside cover has pictures of all the accessory feet so you can match your unidentified feet with their pictures and then turn to those sections of the book for instructions. The Appendix has photographs and descriptions of the utility feet.

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Country Stitches
Country Stitches

Country Stitches, a Husqvarna Viking and PFAFF retailer in Lansing, MI, has been publishing the Foot Book for years. Husqvarna Foot Book and the PFAFF foot book are amazing foot reference guides. This store also publishes the Comprehensive Guide to Machine Embroidery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print out the Husqvarna Viking Foot Book?
Yes, the Husqvarna Viking Foot Book can be downloaded to your computer to print out.
Can I view this digital version of the Husqvarna Viking Foot Book on my phone or tablet?
Yes. You can access your account from any device or computer at any time.
What about future updates to this publication?
This purchase will include ALL updates available through 2023.
How will I know if updates have been added?
When updates are added, we will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to download the new content.
Are there refunds for this digital download?
There are no refunds offered for digital downloads.
What is the difference between this Husqvarna Viking Foot Book and the online Accessory User's Guide?
The Husqvarna Viking Foot Book is focused on how to use the feet and the Accessory User's Guide is more of a sales book or look book.
Can I have a local print shop print this book?
Yes. We give local printers permission to print one copy for you.

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